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Cataphoretic Coating is a water based primer paint coating system, which is based on electro chemical principles.  It is applied to every kind of item’s geometry completely and equally. Cataphoretic Coating is preferred by most of the sectors today by its superior technical features like high corrosion resistance, perfect efficiency with closed cycle system, less environmental pollution with the water based paint and lower risk of fire.


Usage Areas


  •       White goods,

  •       Small Parts,

  •       Radiators,

  •       Wheels

  •       Small parts of Automobiles

  •       OEM – Automobile and Commercial vehicles.


What is e-coat plant?


Typical E.D. plant consists of 4 main divisions:


¨              Surface Pretreatment – Phosphating

¨              E.D. Coating Tank

¨              Washing – Rinsing

¨              Oven



E.D. Coating Tank


 It is the most complex division of the plant. In order to achieve the required outcome, a lot of supporting and subsidiary unit is worked with. 



¨              E.D. tank

¨              Paint Feeding System

¨              Paint Circulation and Filtration

¨              Cooling/ Heating systems

¨              Ultrafiltration System (UF)

¨              Anolyte Circulation System

¨              Electrification

-              Washing Division


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