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Botersan has been designing, manufacturing and installing surface pretreatment, electrostatic liquid and powder coating plants since 1982. However, Botersan team started working together long before, which helped the company to achieve a constant grow and became a leader in its field.

It has always been our main objective to offer complete solutions from one contractor. We plan and design the project, manufacture and complete the erection whatever the finishing system is. We believe this helps our clients to get assistance with all types of systems to improve their production plant also with new applications by means of product appearance, functionality and cost. From our beginning days we have met with many problems in detail of a wide range of industrial applications and we were able to solve all of them. The turn-key projects with our wide ranging experience give us a high degree of capability when taking all the responsibility from the design stage to installation with great care and understanding.

All these years Botersan leaded the finishing industry in Turkey and ensured its customers that they received the experience, reliability and effectiveness all the time. We are continually improving our service and product quality to achieve higher quality and more inclusive assistance including higher automation and flexibility.

Botersan is a strong company with all the investments are made with company’s own funds. The production plant, which is very well equipped and continually improved up to date technology guarantees the quality of the products. This high productivity ensures an optimal performance/cost ratio

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